Call for Submissions: Dépaysement (CLOSED)

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In honor of the Asian American Heritage month of May, Asia Photo Review has partnered with Nous Tous Gallery  to bring you Dépaysement. An exhibition starting on May 19th and lasting until the end of the month.

Dépaysement, a french word meaning the feeling one gets from not being in one’s own country, of being a foreigner. The work being submitted should present the exhibitions theme of identity and culture. What it’s like to grow up on the border of two cultures, hearing about a home most have never been to or being a foreigner to a country.

You do not need to be Asian or Asian American to submit to the exhibition. You can be of any race or ethnicity to submit. The project simply needs to have been done on the continent of Asia, the associated Islands, or about an Asian community abroad. The main idea of this exhibition is an exploration of identity and culture, whether it’s your own or one you’re hoping to understand.

We are currently taking submissions for a two week long exhibition at Nous Tous Gallery, located in Los Angeles’ Historic Chinatown. The beginning of the exhibition will start with a special opening night event.

Please see the form below to submit your work. Be sure to submit your work in the following format:  8 inches by 12 inches (20.32 centimeters by 30.48 centimeters) at 300 pixels per inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What projects are you exhibiting?

We are looking for submissions that best portray Asian culture. This does not mean that the photographer themselves have to be Asian, but capturing subject matter that is related to Asian and Asian American culture. This can also include Asian and Asian Americans producing a project through their point of view.

What happens if my submission is selected?

Once selected, we will reach out to you regarding the printing process. It will cost $7 USD for each print. This will help us cover part of the cost of printing and framing of the images so we can put on this event along with any future events.

You can use this link to pay for the prints.

How will the work be exhibited and for how long?

Your work will be displayed at the Nous Tous Community Space in Los Angeles’ Historic Chinatown. Your work will be presented with an opening event where it will stay displayed for a about week.

Will these images be sold?

This is completely optional and up to you. If you wish for your work to be sold at the event, we will ask you regarding how much each piece is worth. You will be connected to the buyer and money sent either through online transfers, paypal, venmo, or etc.

If you wish to do so, you can donate any amount of your choosing to Asia Photo Review. This amount will be use to help cultivate the community and put on more exhibitions in the future.

What happens to the prints after the event?

If you live within the Los Angeles area and would like to pick up your work. You can email We can coordinate the pickup from there. If you live abroad, we can ship your prints to you after payment of shipping and handling has been received.

If preferred, the prints will be put into storage and saved for possible future exhibitions. Your work will only be displayed after you have been given prior notification.

What happens to my submission if it isn’t selected?

It will be saved either for future exhibitions or posted onto our website and social media accounts for features. So please, don’t be shy and submit.

How is this event being funded?

As of right now, the event and all of the costs involved are supported by previous event donations.

If you have anymore questions, please email

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