Reader’s Gallery: October

Featured Image By: Marco Serafini Amici

Thank you to all of our reader’s that are contributing to the community. We at Asia Photo Review really enjoy seeing the little snippets of life that are captured through your eyes. For this post of Reader’s Gallery we get to take a look at life in Cambodia, Hong Kong, and India.

A special thank you to Marco Serafini Amici, Katherine Cheng, and Avdhesh Tyagi for your submissions. If you’re interested in submitting your photo projects for a feature. Please see the link below. 


Submission Title
Exploring Cambodia
Photographer Bio
Marco Serafini Amici is a photographer and visual artist. He studied at Roberto Rossellini institute from Rome where he developed the passion for photography and experimental art.
During his travels he discovered the Documentary photography which bring him in the streets between people and cities searching “the narration of reality”.
At the same time he (self-taught person) carries on a figurative artistic production using recycle materials.
Submission Information
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Katherine Cheng

Submission Title
The End of Hong Kong As We Know It
Hong Kong
Photographer Bio
A graduate of International Relations and a photographer from Canada, Katherine is passionate about protecting our planet and the people living on it. Having witnessed both the incredible devastation and resilience of humanity throughout her travels to over 30 countries, she is driven to share the stories of our world through the universal language of visual storytelling. As a member of the National Press Photographers Association and a Photography Project Manager for an environmental journalism organization, she will be spending the next year based in East Asia with a focus on the geopolitical, environmental, and human stories from this region.
Submission Information

Five years after the 2014 Umbrella Revolution, protests have once again gripped the city of Hong Kong in the semi-autonomous region’s largest and longest ongoing movement. Initially sparked by an extradition bill that would have permitted the extradition of criminals in Hong Kong for trial in mainland China, the bill has since been withdrawn. However, the deeper roots of the movement can also be traced back to fears of disappearing human rights and democratic freedoms, a historical sense of cultural separation from mainland China, and uncertainty for what will happen in 2047 (the official expiration date of One Country, Two Systems).

Since the start of the protests on June 9th, the movement has drastically evolved on a week-to-week basis. With what began originally as a peaceful movement, an increasing number of violent clashes between the protestors and armed forces has since led to more than 2,000 arrests, the entire shutdown of the local MTR transportation system, and over 150 petrol bombs thrown. With an end to the protests yet to be seen, the situation continues to remain unstable and the future uncertain. However, what is clear is that Hong Kong as we know it has been permanently transformed.

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Submission Title
Rooftop Stories of Lockdown
Photographer Bio

I am a Delhi, India based photographer.

Please visit to see commissioned work on and
For my personal work please visit

I’ve worked with several organisations as full time & freelance photographer. Presently I am based in New Delhi, India & wiling to travel anywhere for assignments

Submission Information

Time seems to be standing still as the world is battling with Covid-19. The nationwide lockdown was announced in India on 24th March 2020. Generally, we were never homebound till we turn old, but this pandemic left no choice and “Stay Home Stay Safe” became the new normal.

I have been living in the same neighbourhood of Mehrauli, Delhi from past 13 years. I only had the joy of spending time on the roof of my building in early days when it was almost a ritual for any kid to go to their roof just to gaze around and to fly kites. Since lockdown was announced, I decided to spend my evenings on roof.

In the beginning, coming out to the roof was just an escape from four walls of ‘home’. While news about lockdown was creating panic all around the world, my gaze followed a different direction. I noticed that coming to the roof was not just an escape for people; but eventually it started to becoming a routine.

Staying in a city where people are often strangers, I wondered when and how life got so busy? Standing on my roof I noticed different lives. Some were scared while some were playful, some were sad but some grateful. I witnessed different kinds of people. One’s under different roofs but all united with hope.

Coming to the roof for 40 days gave me an insight to observe the surroundings and see the new yet unfamiliar pattern in the ordinary life of neighbors. Every shot I have taken during this time is a gentle reminder that with this coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe, everything we do and everything we see has changed, if only for now.

“Home & Neighborhood are one of the places where we learn the most and it’s a great phenomenon to watch your surroundings change in a certain way and yet remain the same another way.”

Rooftop gave a limited yet an added perspective sneaking into the life of people who are quarantined. In this evening, pursuit of creating pictures gave me an inspiration to involve into the situation in my own way and do my part in this very own battle that mankind is facing with the virus.

There are a different kind of vibes floating around. We have never faced it and we were never prepared for it. And now, when this has become the reality, let’s hope for a better tomorrow in which we come out of this as a responsible and conscious citizen.

Stay Home Stay Safe

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