Reader’s Gallery: March

Featured Image By: Nate Cohen

Thank you to all of our reader’s that are contributing to the community. We at Asia Photo Review really enjoy seeing the little snippets of life that are captured through your eyes. For this post of Reader’s Gallery we get to take a look at life in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

A special thank you Terry Magson, Leo Mardani, and Nate Cohen for your submissions. If you would like to see your work featured, please see the link below to see how to submit.



Name: Nate Cohen

Title: Scooter People

Location: Vietnam

Information: I took a trip to Vietnam in 2016 and I was instantly captivated, fascinated and enamored by the scooter culture. What a simple and effective mode of transportation and the effortless way that people move through the chaos.

Bio: Nate Cohen is an North American photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has always been fascinated with street photography and capturing day to day life.


Name: Leo Mardani

Title: Sleep in Work Hours

Location: Indonesia

Information: All of the photos I took were during work hours. The idea came out when my fears come, the first time I worked for a company. The first thing I imagine is how many activities are in a day, the pressure from the boss that force me to continue working. How it is uncomfortable to work full of pressure.

In the first week I kept my fear, I tried to enjoy and adjust to the new environment. I went along without any problems. In the second month I began to observe the behavior of my friends, it turns out my work is not as scary as I imagined. Here I began to observe a unique behavior, my friends can sleep during work hours if there is nothing to do. Within a month, I can get all the photos of my friends who sleep during working hours.

All of my fears slowly began to disappear, I began to enjoy my work. Fear will always be there, if you do not dare to face it, what we fear will happen?

Bio: I was born in 1993, in South Sumatra, Indonesia. I live in Yogyakarta and learned about photography at the University in Yogyakarta (2012). My love for art made me pursue photography. I think photography is a historical record created in visual form, what we have ever visited, felt, seen, and worried about in our lives. With the visual record, the world will know that we have lived.


Name: Terry Magson

Title: AKKY

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Information: This series AKKY is a recent set of 35mm photos I’ve taken exploring fluorescent murk.

Bio: I’m a photographer and musician from the Isle of Wight – England. Currently living in Bangkok.

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