Reader’s Gallery: April

Featured Image By: Mahadi Hasan

Thank you to all of our reader’s that are contributing to the community. We at Asia Photo Review really enjoy seeing the little snippets of life that are captured through your eyes. For this post of Reader’s Gallery we get to take a look at life in Bangladesh, India, and China.

A special thank you to Mahadi HasanSharafat Ali, and Emma Sywyj for your submissions. We will be having an exhibition for the month of May in Los Angeles California. Please see the link below for more details and how to submit.



Name: Mahadi Hasan

Title: If I could fly

Location: Bangladesh

Information: Everyone has a dream to touch the sky. So I want to show their dreams with my photography.

Bio: I live in Moghbazar, Dhaka Bangladesh. I am now 34 years old. I am a IT Manager in Haier Bangladesh. But my passion is to capture the street moments. So I always carry my camera. I am using Sony Alpha 7 Mark 2.


Name: Sharafat Ali

Title: Why every-time mobile phones

Location: India

Information: In year 2017, I decided to work on a photo series “Why every-time mobile phones”. No doubt mobile phones have revolutionized the modern times, but one should not forget the fact that there is a life beyond these tiny pocket size gadgets. In this photo series I’ve been documented daily life of my friends, relatives and others I met. The photo series depicts the addiction of mobile phones and how their attachment has affected the colorful lives of people especially youth.The photos have been taken different places across the length and breadth of the valley. All the pictures in this photo series have been shot on mobile phone.

Bio: I am Sharafat Ali 24, an award winning photographer born and based in Indian Controlled Kashmir. It all started for me in the year 2013 when I got interested in photography and began shooting in the streets and taking people’s portraits. Since then, my understanding and interest in photography has grown. I liked the job of a “documentary photographer” and I opted for photojournalism and documentary photography as my career. What I enjoy most about my photojournalism is working on stories, which can bring social change in society. I believe in the creation of photo works with a deeper meaning. Being a photographer and an accountable resident of my motherland Kashmir, I want to preserve and document stories for eternity. I want make them archival tools for generations to come.


Name: Emma Sywyj

Title: China

Location: China

Information: These photographs are from a photography series called ‘China’, it was created during my travels to China. My Dad’s family are from Malaysia but several generations before me they were originally from China. After I became interested in Chinese contemporary art and culture I travelled to the country and stayed there for a month and a half. I learnt a lot about Chinese art and cuisine and connected with my family’s roots whilst I was there. I got to experience city life in Nanjing, Beijing and Suzhou and spent time in an ancient inn in the countryside and time in the mountains of the Jiangsu province. This photographic series marks my journey of outsider to insider, I photographed subjects I connected with or things that stood out to me.

Bio: I have been an artist for 14 years, 5 of those years I was based in London whilst studying photography at the Camberwell College of Arts at the UAL. From there I received a BA Honours in Photography and a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design. I have exhibited my artwork internationally in the US in New York, LA & San Francisco and Athens in Greece and Budapest in Hungary. I have also exhibited nationally in the UK and London several times where I currently live and work. I have also been published in several independent art magazines in the UK and exhibited my video art work in international film festivals around the globe.


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