Editor’s Showcase: Tomato War In The Land Of Sunda – Algi Febri Sugita

Submission Title:
Tomato War in the Land of Sunda
Photographer Bio:
Algi Febri Sugita, born in Bandung, February 14, 1997, is a Freelance Photojournalist, Editorial & Travel Photographer based in Bandung, Indonesia. With his passion for traveling and photographing moments, he is available for Travel, Editorial, or Documentary photography assignments.

His projects focuses on human life, culture, tradition, portraits, and nature.

In 2017, he had time to study at ANTARA FOTO – The Indonesian Press Photo Agency (Workshop Kilas Balik 2017). He then attended the workshop “Visual Story Telling Aku Dan Kotaku Bandung with Pannafoto” in 2018.

Submission Information:
The Cikareumbi village community, Cikidang Village, West Bandung Regency, and West Java are removing wretchedness. They are ridding themselves of bad nature and all things interconnected with plant diseases by throwing away tons of rotten tomatoes.

Participants wear helmets and use shields woven from rattan. Spectators and participants alike pour into the village streets, all hoping to strike the other with handfuls of rotten tomatoes. They merge and dissolve in a mass of excitement.

Tomato War is a series of Ngaruat Bumi Ceremonies and Hajat Buruan. Hajat Buruan is a form of gratitude or the work of a vegetable plant for its joy which is expressed through a generous presentation.

The Ngaruat Bumi ceremony and Hajat Buruan are one of the things that are done to show awareness for the environment, not merely a novel act.


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