Editor’s Showcase: Tibetan Nuns – Jian Luo

Jian Luo

Submission Title
Tibetan Nuns


Photographer Bio

Luo Jian is a Chinese documentary photographer based in Paris and Beijing. After working 10 years as a photojournalist in the Chinese press industry, he decided to move to France where he began a new photography journey. His work focuses on the life of the people with a geopolitical background. He tries to find the fundamental relations between Man and the modern society and presents them through his lenses.

Submission Information

The project concentrates on the living situation and the inner life of the Tibetan nuns. The population of this group gradually declines as a result of accelerated urbanization in Tibet and tightened religious control by the Chinese government. Their lifestyle also reflects, to a certain extent, the destiny of Tibetan women under the pressure of religious tradition and patriarchal society.

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