Editor’s Showcase: Padraic O’Meara

Title: Shanghai
By: Padraic O’Meara
Location: Shanghai, China

This is from a body of work that I made while working in Shanghai. I was there for a short period of time to make a film for Nike and as usual I spent every single free moment walking the city with my Leica M6.
I never knew much about China before I visited, but now I am excited to go back and learn more about this amazing country.

Photographer Bio:

Padraic O’Meara is a South African photographer and filmmaker living on the west coast of the USA.

I’ve been taking photographs since I was a child, I grew up in a house of an artist and an architect. I had to find a way to express myself artistically that was different from the mediums of my parents. Photography became a way of seeing the world and a way to take me to see the world. These days I work as a director/director of photography and a photographer for many clients around the world. This thankfully gets me to travel all over the place. I like to tell stories and I like to use film.

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