Editor’s Showcase: Md Enamul Kabir

Title: Coexistence
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Companion animals are much more important to the people of big cities. In every old or new society, people have and will continue to coexist with animals. The interaction with animals takes place in various forms from necessity to emotional requirements. These are all the ways to friendship. Living in the close surrounding of animals teaches humans humbleness, honesty and sensitivity. There is no way to fool them. One has to behave right to get animals respect. Getting closer and closer to the stray animals of city made me growing up and feels more compassionate to them.

Photographer Bio:

I am Md. Enamul Kabir from Bangladesh. I grew up in a small town called Kotchandpur. It’s a small but beautiful town. Now I live and work in the capital city, Dhaka. Never have I ever imagined that I’ll be walking around with a

camera, stopping at irregular intervals, snapping photos left and right; never had any interest in photography.

At the end of 2012, I was unemployed and struggling to find a job. I’d tag along with local online photography groups, visiting different places, mostly to kill time. I was actually hoping someone will take a good portrait of me and I can use that on my FB profile.

Later, I met a photographer named Imtiaz Alam Beg, whose words inspired me to get behind the lens. Now, I can’t take my eye off the viewfinder.

I prefer my photos to be concise and cohesive. I try to achieve the best result possible with fewer subjects. I like to shoot animals and unnoticed moments; try to keep the questions of why and how in my photographs. I also try to find different meaning in our society and personal feelings with my Canon 550D,18-55mm.

Street photography always attracts me. There is always uncertainty and suspense, which I like most, because I don’t know what will happen in next second. Most days I come home with Zero decent photos, but Street photography helps me learn how to be patient. How to be positive and keep smiling, not only in photography but also in my personal life.

Everyone can become a photographer now a days because photography is a democratic medium all over the world. But the toughest thing is making connection rather than becoming a photographer. connection with subjects, connection with visualization, connection with values and ethics.

My work has exhibited in HIPA-2014, Miami Street Photography Festival-2016,2017, StreetFoto San Francisco-2016, LSPF-2017, Summer in Your City-2017, EyeEm Photography Award-2017, Photography on a Post Card-2017, Behind the Portrait-Gulf Photo Plus, Dubai, Lens culture Street Photography Award-2017 and published in books- WSP’15, WSP3,WSP4, OMOE 15.

For more of Md Enamul Kabir photography:


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