Editor’s Showcase: Fresilia Vebriani

Title: Moksa
By: Fresilia Vebriani
Location: Indonesia

In hindu belief, Moksha is the highest achievement where one has found freedom from worldly suffering (samsara). In my project, I try to compare what I have felt in the past few years with Moksa. Through a series of feelings, I used photography as my medium to portray these moments.

Photographer Bio:                

My name is Fresilia Vebriani, I was born on June 30th 1993 in Bandung, West Java. My entier family is from Palembang, Sumatra Island, but I lived in Bandung since I was a baby. I studied Communication Science at Padjadjaran University. I started my love with photography since I was in high school. I used a toycam, but now I prefer to use a SLR camera. For me, photography is a medium where I can escape and express my true feelings and build my own reality.

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