Editor’s Showcase: Emilio Espejel

Title: The Island of White Foxes 
By Emilio Espejel
Location: Himeshima Island, Japan

Obon is a Japanese custom honoring the spirits of ancestors that normally takes place from August 13 to 15. It’s one of the biggest family reunion holidays in which people return to their hometown to welcome their dead relatives to their home after visiting the graveyard. Bon-Odori, a dance with neighbors is the main event of this festival and it used to be the biggest leisure for Japanese until the 50s. Celebration in Himeshima island it’s different from the rest, Implementing color and customs to dance as a unique way of personality from the residents of this town.

Now, this tradition is fading away among young generations, that find attractive other activities than participating in the island dance. This place is decreasing inhabitant numbers making harder than a big amount of people participates in the activities.

Photographer Bio:
Emilio Espejel is a Mexican Photojournalist based in Mexico City, he started at the age of 20 to cover social and political issues reflected on his country, now in days, his work is focused on daily life and breaking news, culture and traditions in his homeland and the world. He contributes for agencies as Redux Pictures, Associated Press, Getty Images and diverse web media.

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