Editor’s Showcase: Elizabeth Char

Elizabeth Char
Submission Title:
In the Path
Tokyo, Japan
Photographer Bio:
I was born and I live in Paris/France. I work on TV Channel.
6 years ago by chance, I discovered Street Photography.
Then I realized that I loved to capture the everyday elegance of those around me, to be attentive to the small gestures that make us human.
I also like to share my vision of street photography, here in France and wherever I have the chance to travel.
I had solo exhibition in Tokyo and Paris and be part of some collective exhibitions in Europe.
Submission Information:
For a long term photographic project, I go to Japan frequently.
In the Path, I remember the beautiful moments.
In a world saturated with images, I try to capture the emotional.
These fragile moments, I let them take flight.
So I swim in a strange depaysement.
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