Editor’s Showcase: Cambodian Smiles – Martin Bennie

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Cambodian Smiles
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Taking photographs and practicing meditation might seem at first glance to be unrelated activities. For while photography looks outwards at the visual world through the medium of a camera, meditation focuses inwards on unmediated experience. And whereas photography is concerned with producing images of reality, meditation is about seeing reality as it is. Yet in taking photographs and practicing meditation, I find the two activities have converged to the point where I no longer think of them as different. As practices, both meditation and photography demand commitment, discipline and technical skill. Possession of these qualities does not, however, guarantee that meditation will lead to great wisdom any more than photography will culminate in great art. To go beyond mere expertise in either domain requires a capacity to see the world in a new way. Such seeing originates in a penetrating and insatiable curiosity about things. It entails recovering an innocent, childlike wonder at life while suspending the adult’s conviction that the world is simply the way it appears

The majority of my photographs, are calm moments in time that will always remind me of these locations and what i felt at the time.

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Photos taken on a Cambodian tour 3 years ago, where I wanted to practice more portraits and as the Cambodians are especially happy, even given their poor status, they always smile.
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