Dépaysement Exhibition: Yuriy Ogarkov

Yuriy Ogarkov
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Shamans Of Siberia
Photographer Bio
I am a Ukrainian portrait and travel photographer based in Barcelona, Düsseldorf and Kiev. Impressed by the multiple facets of life and the beauty of light, I explore the world around me through the lens of my photo camera. In my photographs, I try to communicate a sense of place, atmosphere, and mystique of a moment in a poetic visual language.
I am intrigued by the unknown. Therefore I try to travel as much as possible in order to explore new places that I have never been to before, to learn about cultures and tell stories about my experiences through the photography.
Submission Information
The Republic of Tuva, The Republic of Khakassia and Irkutsk Oblast are not only famous for their traditional throat singing Khoomei, national wrestling sports Khuresh and picturesque nature, but also for their ancient culture of shamanism.
Shamanism is a widespread religious practice that maintains a strong influence on people of Siberia. Shamans are mostly seen by local inhabitants as healers, wise saviors, and portals between humans and the spirits of the ancestors. They get their energy from nature, where nature is their best supplier, their truthful teacher, and their only home. Nomadic lifestyle and philosophical perception of time making these communities sage like the Sayan Mountain and calm as floating flocks of the gigantic white clouds that together perform a harmonious symphony of eternal beauty in that authentic venerable culture.
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