Dépaysement Exhibition: Sakurako Nagaiwa

Sakurako Nagaiwa
Submission Title
The Other Side of Japan
Photographer Bio
Japanese living in Italy.
I am a full-time vintage shop manager and freelance fashion/art writer.
On my free time I paint and take pictures.
I started taking pictures since I came in Italy 8 years ago.
I adore people, life, vibes and I want to explain my vision of life through the lens of a camera.
Submission Information
Living in a foreign country, I happened to see my own nation from a different point of view.
Japanese people are usually quiet, well manned and calm; but when parties come, they totally change and feel the positive vibes.
Pictures were taken during Halloween time in Tokyo: I had never seen this drastically change of behavior before and it really amazed me, needless to say I had fun too!
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