Dépaysement Exhibition: Patrick Wendt

Patrick Wendt
Submission Title
What lies beyond
Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India
Photographer Bio
Patrick Wendt is a street photographer from Germany. He studied social works and worked in this field for several years after graduation. Now, his main focus is photography and traveling.

He was a finalist for the EyeEm Awards in 2017, made the 2nd Place at the Italian Street Photo Festival 2018 and has had several exhibitions in different countries.

Contrasto Gallery – Milan/Italy
23 Gallery – Bangkok/Thailand
White Room – Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia: Travel Photographers Society Awards 2017
Espace Des Arts Sans Frontieres – Paris/France: Street Sans Frontieres Exhibition 2017 and 2018

Submission Information
“Patrick’s work can best be described as an artistic leap into the abyss of the unknown earthly depths and surfaces. His photographs permeate the monotony of everyday life and give us a glimpse of what lies beyond the comforts of modern reality, where we are often so enabled, our perception of the surrounding world is muffled and lifeless. Wendt’s pieces transcend the extremely delicate boundary between the rapturous and multifaceted beauty of human existence and the ephemeral world of which we all speak, but can never know for sure exists. Seemingly lost in time and space, Patrick captures the quintessence of visual metaphor. Above all, however, his work possesses the ability to immerse the viewer in the almost palpable, often surreal environment and dynamic of numerous corners of the Earth.”
(Agent Orange Magazine)
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