Dépaysement Exhibition: Lidija Baard

Lidija Baard
Submission Title
The City and The City
Hong Kong, South Africa
Photographer Bio
I’m a film photographer, originally from South Africa. I have spent almost the entirety of my twenties living in Seoul, South Korea, and traveling through Asia, all the while tagging my trusted Minolta x 700 around. I have no concept of adulthood outside of Korea, a thought which terrifies me, but one in which I can also relish in. I can comfortably say that this is my home, that I have found my place, despite living perpetually under the tag of being a ‘foreigner’.
Submission Information
The works I am submitting are intentional, in-camera double exposures. The process involved shooting through a roll of film and then re-spooling the film to be exposed again. The result creates a strange and dream-like mash-up of space and time, with the cities overlapping and spilling out onto each other.
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