Dépaysement Exhibition: Jaehoon “Ken” Shin

Jaehoon “Ken” Shin
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I had a pretty hectic upbringing, with frequent moves across lots of geography. The question “where are you from?” paralyzes me. I never lived in a place for long, and photography became a way to take in the feeling of a place at a human pace. It hammered into me that the world is as orderly as it is chaotic, as absurd as it is rational, and as much a paradise as it is a hell.

I am currently studying art at UCLA, and I am pursuing a career in photojournalism.

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I had a chance to travel by choice, and I chose Japan. I had planned to spend time roaming the country, but there was just too much to see in Tokyo. The city is a sprawling shrine to hedonism, sustained by a kind of rational insanity.
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