Global Feature: Chiaroscuro – Andrea Comino

We’ve received so many great submissions from all over the world from people of all different backgrounds. In an effort to include these submission, we’re introducing a new segment called Global Feature.

Andrea Comino
Submission Title:
Photographer Bio:
I am Andrea Comino, from Italy. I am 37, living close to Milan. Just starting less than two years ago, I fell in love with street photography after seeing an exhibition of Vivian Maier’s in Milan.
I started by taking photos with my mobile phone and recently moved to a Sony compact camera.
Submission Information:
The streets allow for the opportunity to come across complex looks and situations. It’s a playground to create connections between moments of different everyday lives, unknown and emotionless to each other, in order to compose them in a harmonic and meaningful scene according to my aesthetic taste.
In my photos, the subjects are often partially visible: this is my personal way of representing the human soul made of chiaroscuro, hidden parts, words left unsaid, dim lights.
Unconsciously, people in the street gift me with moments of beauty, mystery and magic and the lens allow me to fix them in a timeless moment, in a small story suspended forever.
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